Product Review: Mary Kay 'Redefining Elegance' Limited Edition Collection

After the terrible review I gave Mary Kay's new products last time, I honestly doubted whether their publicist would ever send me product again. But evidently Mary Kay is a company of integrity that appreciates honest feedback, because their publicist surprised me with another parcel full of new products to play with! Among these products were offerings from their new limited edition 'Redefining Elegance' collection. I was happy to see that the collection contained just the sort of makeup I loved using most: liquid liners, nail polishes, lipstick and pretty palettes.

The gold-flecked Filigree Eye and Cheek Powder palette ($22, in 'Stunning' and 'Splendid') contains 3 eyeshadows and a blush and fits perfectly into the mini compact ($20). The powder formulas go on sheer, making them ideally suited for day wear. I preferred the colours in the 'Splendid' palette--lavender, plum, gold and light pink--because they seemed to suit my fair skin tone better.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fashion-forward their new nail lacquers ($10) were. 'Plush Plum' (deep purple) and 'Gold Leaf' (shimmery gold) would look so pretty for holiday parties, but my favourite was 'Lavish Sable', a grayish-purple shade similar to OPI's 'You Don't Know Jacques' and Sephora by OPI's 'Metro Chic'. The nail polish lasted a week before I noticed the first chip, probably thanks to the base coat/top coat ($10), which gave my nails a glossy finish.

The Luxury Liners ($17.50) in 'Black Velvet', 'Classic Sable' and 'Rich Plum' also impressed me. About the size of a lipstick, these compact eyeliners are portable and easy to apply with their precise felt tips. Although they're not as budge-proof as my beloved Geisha Ink, they still hold up pretty well against oily eyelids.

I had mixed feelings about the Lip Suede lipstick ($16.50) in 'Polished Pink' and 'Luscious Plum'. The formula felt great on the lips--just as smooth and suede-like as the name promised, plus it had a light vanilla scent reminiscent of how my Tom Ford lipstick smells. But the colours didn't seem as universally flattering as hoped. I usually prefer my pinks and plums on the warm side, and the Lip Suede shades were the exact opposite: they were cool as though they had too much blue to them and were slightly subdued.

Overall, I liked how all the plum hues in the 'Redefining Elegance' collection complemented each other without looking too matchy-matchy.

Wearing: Filigree Eye and Cheek Powder palette in 'Splendid', Luxury Liner in 'Rich Plum', Lip Suede in 'Luscious Plum'.

My eye makeup. Normally I prefer more pigmented eyeshadows, but the sheer formula works well with the deep plum lipstick.


  1. Im still looking for the perfect eyeliner
    maybe this will be the one

  2. The eye colours are a lot more true-to-colour when applied with the eye primer. It also helps everything stay put longer even on oily skin. That makes the colours more of a night-time look!

  3. Anonymous, I did use eye primer before I applied eye makeup--Mary Kay eye primer, as a matter of fact.

  4. Love the colors. :)

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