Today's Outfit: Cougar Boots

My latest outfit post is brought to you by: a patient boyfriend who agreed to take my photo last Saturday; caffeine; gorgeous fall foliage in the most lovely shade of orange-red; and last but certainly not least, my new 'Marla' Cougar boots, sent by Matchstick.

High-heeled hiking boot styles caught my eye last fall, but because I thought they were going to be a fleeting trend I never bought a pair. I should have known that a look like this--a seemingly perfect mix of cozy, functional, casual and chic--would stick around for at least another year! The 'Marla', though, is much more functional than its fast fashion ilk. They're breathable, insulated for temperatures ranging from -10°C to -30°C, and waterproof, meaning they'll stand up to rain, slush, snow and harsh winter temperatures just fine. The chunky 2.5" heel, cushy insoles and sturdy soles make these shoes very comfortable for everyday wear, although admittedly my feet sometimes felt a little too toasty in them. I'm looking forward to wearing them in the first snowfall of this year!

Speaking of fall foliage, you should take a walk and enjoy the crisp autumn air and brilliant leaves before they're gone!


  1. nice boots! I have a pair of cougar boots as well and I love them, they're SO warm and feel like pillows on the inside... and lol ya most women dress like they're in lingerie for halloween these days huh? when did halloween change from scary to sexy

  2. Great outfit! Nice photo skills your man has.

    Those Cougar boots would come in handy on my trips to freezing Calgary. I like the redesign, still warm and cozy, but with a fashionable twist.

  3. those are great boots - I have been tempted too by a heeled hiking boot. Great buy esp. for our wet and windy weather.

    hehe I love getting our guys to take our pics. Does your boy take to being directed or does he snap the pics directed by his own creativity?

  4. Aren't we so lucky with the weather we've been having lately! I'm definitely soaking it in too!

    Sounds like the boots were a pleasant surprise!!

  5. The leaves are so pretty in your photos. Cougar boots huh? Those are pretty nice. But what I like is your purse...


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