CB2 Robson Grand Opening

When the boy and I aren't talking about where we'd like to live and how much closet space he'll cede to me in our future home, we like to muse about how we'd like to decorate. So we approached the grand opening party of the CB2 store on Robson as a litmus test of sorts: What would we agree and disagree on when we perused the store's selection of contemporary home furnishings? The sister store to the well-known Crate & Barrel was filled with furniture and accessories designed to appeal to urban-dwelling, style-conscious consumers. While catching up with familiar faces and enjoying canapés and drinks, I went around snapping photos of whatever caught my eye. As it turns out, I seem to be drawn to colourful pieces and quirky details (big surprise there). Here's a look at the evening in photos.

A giant wall clock with sans serif numbers

Cute cork and hockey player characters on special Canadian edition plates

The boy testing out chairs

An interesting bookcase

Bloggers from left to right: me, Mina, Alicia, Melissa, Cara

Tealight holders shaped like birds

An end table used as a mini bar


  1. Love the shirt you're wearing - hopefully we'll see it in more detail in a future post!

  2. those pieces are fun, I like those plates actually even though hockey is such an Anthony thing I think I wouldn't mind having those plates in my house!!

  3. Can't wait to check it this weekend!

  4. I checked out the store the day after, such lovely items! The bird candle holders and mini bar/end table were definitely two of my favorites. What did you guys end up buying? ;-)

    Royal Colors + I SEE NOISE GIVEAWAY

    1. Leonie, the bag held a pair of orange bird tealight holders. :)

  5. I've been meaning to stop by CB2! I love home decor and trinkets!


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