Luxe or Less: Neutral Colour-Blocked Pumps

Colour-blocking shows no signs of slowing down this spring. And while we revel in our ability to wear lots of bright, happy colours together for another season, why not take the colour-blocking trend and apply it to neutrals? Two- or three-toned neutral pieces can be surprisingly sophisticated. For your approval, I submit the Chloe two-toned leather pump ($795 on Net a Porter). Check out how the dark tan hue hugs the bottom of the shoe in one perfect curve, swerving from the toe to the blocky heel. Gorgeous, no?

For those of us who can afford to splurge on $800 shoes, please feel free to go ahead and order. But for those of us who have mundane things like budgets and mortgages to worry about, I present to you the colour-blocked 'Laurel' pump ($120 at Banana Republic). These shoes look adorable in person, and their use of colour-blocking is different from but no less appealing than the Chloes. Also, since they're supposed to office-appropriate, they're designed to be quite comfortable--the work shoes that work for you.

I like the look of the 'Laurel' worn with bright colours and pencil skirts as seen in the Banana Republic ad below. Now the question is, can I track down a pair in a size 6? They're sold out on the Canadian website, and I can only hope that they're still available in-store. I really regret walking away from them the first time around. Talk about non-buyer's remorse.


  1. Both are nice! Love the Chloe's!

  2. That sole on the Chloe pump - hard to beat!

  3. Oh dear, I hate non buyer's remorse! They ARE so lovely, I will keep an eye out for you :)

  4. That's the worst feeling, I hate being haunted by a piece that I should've really snapped up! I have my fingers crossed for you, those pumps are stunning!

    Alex xo

  5. Love those BR ones, I recently ordered a pair of their Jenna pumps aka classic black heel, but they were a wee bit too big for my tiny size 5 feet. I was so bummed :(

    As for the Laurel, I saw them JUST this afternoon (Banana Republic, Park Royal @ West Vancouver) in a Size 6.

    1. Thanks for the tip Jess! I literally went today and saw them at the front of the store. So happy about my new pumps. :)


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