Today's Outfit: Winter Sunshine

  • Plenty jacket
  • Banana Republic cardigan and cigarette pants
  • Joe Fresh pearl earrings
  • Timex watch
  • H&M brooch (pinned on jacket pocket)
  • Kelsi Dagger flats
  • Chanel purse

I complain a lot about working during winter's best daylight hours and photo-taking opportunities. So when the sun finally showed itself the weekend before last, I couldn't resist asking the boy to go for a walk and take some outfit photos. He very graciously complied with my not-so-gracious impatience as a photo subject ("That looks terrible! Take it from this angle!").

We then ventured to Campagnolo Roma for dinner and downtown for a movie. We picked War Horse at the last minute, which despite its emotional storylines turned out to be absurdly hilarious because we couldn't stop thinking of this SNL sketch the entire time. One of us would smirk at the movie and whisper a line from the sketch in the other person's ear, and we would both fall into giggling fits. The evening wound down with cocktails at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and a romantic walk in the fog. Perfect Saturday date day to celebrate me no longer being sick.

Evidently the sunshine two weekends ago was a harbinger of a great week to come because so many wonderful things happened. My annual performance review went well, and I got some very welcome freelancing news in the email. I was well enough to resume salsa dancing and yoga classes. I finally ordered the Kate Spade handbag I'd been coveting for ages and it arrived within three days. I had one of my best interviews in recent memory with a representative from Van Cleef and Arpels. (Blog posts about the latter two to come later!) Even though last week was exhausting, all of these good things more than made up for it.

Here's hoping this week will hold great things for myself and for you, lovely readers. Happy Monday!

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  1. This is adorable Lisa! Loving the little details, especially your cute side ponytail! Hope your Monday's off to a good start so far :)

    Alex xoxo

  2. You look so gorgeous! I love this casual chic look :) I'm pretty sure I'm demanding when N has to take my pictures, poor kiddo. Our little joke is for him to "get down on your knees", since I like to look a little taller ;)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better! Have a wonderful week! xo

  3. So glad you are feeling better, Lisa, and that you had such as awesome week! That outfit is perfect for the winter sunshine -- that jacket is tres chic ;) and tell your man he did a great job with the photos!

  4. You look so cute and comfy here, I just want to squeeze you! Hope you're having a wonderful day in the sunshine. Happy Valentine's! xo


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