NARS Neutrals

Neutral eyeshadows aren't the most scintillating beauty product to purchase, but the right ones can be incredibly hard to find. Most of the ones I come across are too pink, too brown, too light, too shimmery--and, more importantly, too obvious and unnatural-looking when applied. Like Goldilocks, I wanted something that was just right, and that something was proving quite difficult to find.

So imagine my delight when a consultation with Aaron, one of the makeup artists at the NARS counter in the Bay downtown, turned up two palettes that were just right: the NARS duo eyeshadow palettes in 'Portobello' and 'All About Eve' ($39). The former features a pair of matte beige and taupe shades, while the latter contains champagne and pink shades with the slightest pearly sheen to them--very refined and not at all like the over-the-top satin finish or teenybopper shimmer of most other eyeshadows.

For a natural look, Aaron dabbed a brush in both shades of the 'Portobello' palette to blend the colours. He applied the blend to the outer corners of the eyes, sweeping upward slightly to define the crease and along the eyeline. He then dabbed a brush in both shades of the 'All About Eve' palette to blend the colours and applied the blend to the centre of the eyelid. All of this was done with a very light hand. The result: that subtly shaded, "like your own eyes but better-looking" effect I've always wanted from my eyeshadows and never known how to achieve. Bingo.


  1. Nars <3 I'm still stuck on their deep throat blush!

    1. I'm pretty impressed with their products overall. I'm already addicted to the Orgasm blush and their concealer in Custard, and their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Cruella' is one of my all-time favourite red lipsticks.

  2. I love Nars eyeshadows, especially ones with little or no shimmer. Buying neutral makeup is kind of like buying basics like white shirts and black pants. Not the most exhilarating experience, but very necessary.

    For makeup basics, I'm a big fan of Estee Lauder palettes as well.

  3. Love these colors!! I just found your blog and I will be checking out your adds and sponsors. Sending some love your way!!

  4. i love nars...gotta check out these 2 duos now

    the dior incognito quad is good too...except i barely use the white shade...


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