I Heart You

There's no better time to indulge in cheesy heart and love motifs than Valentine's Day. Whether you're a guy looking for a gift for his girl, a gal looking for a trinket to show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them, or simply shopping for yourself, you need not settle for bland pendants from run-of-the-mill mall jewelry stores. Interesting choices abound, from scribble and emoticon-inspired hearts to whimsical keychains. Now the question is, which of these pieces will capture your heart (or hers)?


  1. These are all such cute pieces, I had no idea Joannie Rochette did a jewelry collection though? I know she's been raising awareness about women and heart issues, so I guess it makes sense.

  2. I like the heart ring on the bottom :)

    xo Jennifer


  3. Ooo I love this round-up, Lisa! And WendyB gets it bang-on-the-money every time -- just love it!

  4. Hah! The ring with <3 is awesome! But $`50 is too much for me :(
    ALC pendant is also very cute!

  5. I am loving that matte rose gold ring, so pretty! I'm usually not all that into Valentine's but I may try to dress somewhat festively this year haha.

    Alex xo

  6. I like the Marc by Marc Jacobs mini charm heart stacking ring and the Thomas Sabo sterling silver heart stud earrings.

    I am not really a fan of anything heart shaped but I like these two pieces.


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