A Very Classy Affair with Derek Blasberg and The Room

A stylish crowd gathered at the Room on Thursday night to fete fashion writer and Manhattan-based man-about-town Derek Blasberg, who was in Vancouver to promote his second and latest book, Very Classy. This follow-up volume to his bestseller Classy is a social etiquette primer providing "exceptional advice for the extremely modern lady." Very Classy contains the same tips as Classy about dressing well, how to behave at parties and how to navigate tricky relationship minefields, but also features new Q&A sections and two new chapters about home decor and health. In an age where impressionable girls seem to have only celebutantes and tabloid stars to look up to, Classy and Very Classy are a breath of fresh air.

You know what else was a breath of fresh air after a month-long convalescence? Catching up with familiar faces while meeting new ones and admiring the Room's beautiful clothes and accessories. Of course, meeting Derek Blasberg wasn't too shabby either. I am a huge fan of his first book and was pleased to see that he is just as charming and well-mannered as he seems in his writing.

Here's a look at the event through photos. Enjoy!

FASHION magazine's Western editor Joy Pecknold was present; her monogrammed Cambridge satchel caught my eye.

One of the Room's mannequins wearing a turquoise number by Vancouver designer Jason Matlo.

Sarah Lind and Candace Ho Lem looking gorgeous in brights and patterned fabrics.

Blogger group photo! From left to right: Alicia, Olivia, Darryl, Peter, me, Jen and Monica.

These two mannequins were probably discussing which chapter was their favourite.

Two ladies I used to write with: Serena Mason, who now works at the Room and writes for String Magazine, and Miranda Sam.

Meeting Derek!

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  1. Lovely pictures of an - clearly - amazing event! Everyone looked so classy ;-) Love the comment of the two mannequins discussing the book haha!

    xo Leonie


  2. I absolutely loved his first book, and I definitely feel like I need to read his sequel now. This event looks amazing, glad to see some of my fave locals having fun together!

    Alex xox

  3. You all look so amazing, Vancouver fashion done right! Who says we can't be stylish?

    I saw so many pictures of this event, the quotes seem hilarious! I think I'll have to read the book myself.

  4. Pleasure seeing you there, Lisa!


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