Palladium Madness

"Mambo kings and big band orchestras. Guests dressed to the nines, waiting to dance to music by the likes of Tito Puente and Machito. While this might sound like a scene out of a period TV series à la Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire, it was a world that was very real to the patrons of the Palladium, the birthplace of mambo and one of the most famous Latin music venues ever. And luckily for us VIS attendees, it’s a world we’ll get to revisit and re-create at the Palladium Gala on Saturday March 3."

Today I'm taking a break from my regular posting schedule to dish advice on what attendees should wear to Vancouver International Salsa Festival's Palladium-themed gala! Think 50s fashion and big band Latin music--glamorous, right? If you're interested, check out the article here.

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