Burberry Shoes

With a company history going back to the mid-nineteenth century, Burberry embodies a very British notion of tradition and luxury as evidenced by the fairly conservative silhouettes of their pieces and the signature Burberry check print. However, the times they are a-changing, and a quick perusal of the Burberry shoe selection on the Nordstrom website yielded some surprisingly contemporary designs more in tune with Vans or Gucci than polo-playing, horse-racing, tea-drinking Brits. Here are some of my faves.

Mesh ankle strap sandal ($695). The bold, almost geometric construction is quite similar to Gucci's spring offerings, and the blatant sex appeal of this shoe is a definite departure from the conservative image Burberry is usually known for. Imagine how hot these shoes would look with an electric yellow or blue cocktail dress and a black patent clutch.

Stud plate pump ($595). I love how this shoe retains the classic and very versatile shape of the pointy-toed pump yet looks more modern with the studs. Wear these shoes with anything else you'd wear pointy-toed pumps with!

Check pointed toe flat ($450). Okay, seriously, I am so in love with this shoe it's not even funny. I admit I favour pointy-toed flats over round-toed ones; they seem dressier than dainty round-toed ballerina versions. I'm melting on the inside as I imagine how this shoe would look with opaque black tights and skirts in the fall or with wide-legged jeans. The fact that every neutral colour imaginable has been incorporated into the shoe (brown, tan, black, white, gray) means it'll go with anything and any handbag.

T-strap sandal ($595). I love how this shoe combines the very hot gladiator sandal trend of this season with a more modern vibe, making it versatile enough to transition beyond this season and be worn for years to come.

Icon check slip-on ($295). I have mixed feelings about these shoes. On one hand, I have a weakness for canvas slip-ons like my Kitsons because they're a casual, comfy wardrobe staple that looks great with jeans. On the other hand, knowing how much even the most pricey pair of Kitsons will set me back (just a little over $100), I can't help but think that I'm basically paying a premium for the Burberry print on what is otherwise a ho-hum Vans knockoff. I guess the plus side of this is that, again, that darn Burberry print has so many neutral shades in it you can wear these sneakers with anything.

Icon check lace-up sneaker, $295. Shameless Converse knockoff? Yes, but I'd be more inclined to buy these than the slip-ons if only because I already have slip-ons and I don't have any lace-up sneakers.


  1. Ooh those stud plate pumps would look great with that studded dress we were looking at the other day too - wasn't that Burberry Prorsum?

  2. Yup! Burberry's getting edgier, it seems.

  3. Why would someone spend several hundred dollars on a pair of shoes that makes them look like a chav?

    Poor people wear what they can afford. If it's in desrepair, they're doing the best they can. To MOCK them and their shitty life with a gaudy and expensive version of their crappy footwear is poor taste; it's like watching Nordstrom's sell torn up flannel just because Kurt Cobain was wearing it.

    This gives me an idea, though. I think I'll record an album of music and sell a copy of it for $5,000. Given that $500 sneakers exist, there has to be someone out there who would buy it.


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