How Do You Wear It: Orange Prada Clutch

Last night I was chatting with my BFF and FFB (that's "fellow fashion blogger") MizzJ; we were both perusing the website Bag Borrow Or Steal when MizzJ found this droolworthy oversized orange patent Prada clutch:

Right away, we both started discussing what sorts of outfits we would wear the clutch with, and it was interesting to see how our differing tastes produced completely different looks. Later as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I had a brilliant idea for a new blog feature: How Do You Wear It. Basically, MizzJ and I would pick out an item we both loved, and come up with distinct looks for it. When we've both posted our looks, we update our original "How Do You Wear It?" posts with a link to the other person's look. MizzJ, if you're reading this post, how about it? Let's adopt a collaborative blog feature!

So, back to the Prada clutch! I don't know why, but the sheer sunniness and Vitamin C cheerfulness of the clutch instantly made me think of the fabulous socialite girl on vacation. I pictured an heiress (a classy one, not the Paris Hilton-type...ick!) vacationing in Greece and island-hopping on her yacht during the day, then enjoying a sunset view and club-hopping at night, most likely in chic lounges that play electronica.

With that image in mind, here's what I'd pair the clutch with:

'Afterglow' shades from Anthropologie, $24.73

'Gwen' shirt from Teenflo

Classic bermuda denim short from Banana Republic, $89

Louis Vuitton monogram S-Lock bracelet

Chan Luu diamond circle earrings

Burberry T-strap sandal from, $595

Update: In case you haven't seen it, MizzJ has posted her take on how she'd wear the orange Prada clutch here.


  1. lol that is a good idea!

  2. Those are some fab. pieces, Lisa! I like the Gwen shirt you picked out, as the design is really cute and simple but the silky material still gives it a sophisticated look. I also love the buckle detail on the Burberry sandal! But since I don't navigate well in heels, I still find the heels on this sandal a little intimidating and imagine that it might be a bit perilous to walk in them. lol. I still need more practice with heels, I guess. =P

  3. Yeah, I don't do well with heels either, but this shoe makes me salivate. Incidentally, if it's the buckle detail you're drawn to, Burberry also makes flats with those strappy buckle details.

  4. Finished my post reply! Check it out here:


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