Chanel Arm Candy Motivation

I'm two weeks into my shopping sabbatical and it's going pretty well. So far I haven't succumbed to any clothing/accessories temptations, and the only things I've bought were things from the drugstore (shampoo and face cleanser don't count) and the Chanel paper doll book I pre-ordered in April, which was actually before my shopping sabbatical began in May. (More on that paper doll book in a future blog post!)

In the meantime, I keep returning to the Chanel website again and again, drooling and deliberating over the handbags that are there. As much as I love the idea of a cute compact shoulder bag for evening wear, I know that in reality I probably wouldn't use that bag much for the following reasons:
  1. I rarely have special enough occasions that require a compact evening bag.
    Even if I were to go out at night, I much prefer the more compact clutch/wristlet that's just big enough for all the essentials and not big enough to be annoying.

  2. Given that I'd most likely go to a bar or a club, I'd be terrified of getting something spilled on a purse as expensive as Chanel. I've learned my Cambie lesson well.

  3. If I did need a cute compact shoulder bag for day or night, I'd default to my Nine West black shoulder bag, which I wouldn't feel as heartbroken about if it got ruined.

I don't want a tote because my Coach tote, Nine West tote, and Old Navy sweater purse are more than enough. However, I do want something big enough for use on weekdays or weekends, but small enough for a casual evening out (say, for dinner and movies, or after-work get-togethers that don't turn into all-out gongshows). It has to be sturdy and spacious enough to lug around my mini-umbrella, sunglasses, cell, iPod, wallet, real glasses (in case I have a problem with my contacts), a bunch of small miscellaneous items, and a pair of gloves in winter.
With these specs in mind, I present to you the top contenders so far for my post-sabbatical splurge.

Large quilted flap bag

Bowling bag


  1. I say the flap bag, it looks more sophisticated and not as pedestrian as the bowling bag.

  2. Hmm yeah. At first I was leaning toward the bowling bag, but the more I look at both of them together, the more I think that the bowling bag looks a bit young - would I still want to carry it when I'm 40 or 50? On the other hand the flap bag would look good when you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. If I'm spending this much on a purse, I want it to last ages!


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