The Great Closet Giveaway of '08

One fashionista's trash is another fashionista's treasure, right?

The other day I told my friend about how I was slowing down the spending because I kept accumulating things, many of which I later couldn't work into my everyday wardrobe, or only used once or twice. She suggested I clean out my closet and clear out the things I didn't use or wear. "It'll make getting dressed in the morning easier," she promised.

Taking her words to heart, last night I cleared out the contents of my dressers and closet and purse basket and evaluated everything with a critical eye. Urban Outfitters straw wristlet I'd used once or twice but otherwise always passed over in favour of a bigger purse or a smaller wristlet? Gone. Turquoise and gold bangles I'd bought to go with a Christmas party outfit but haven't worn since? Into the pile of stuff to give away.

I'm planning to eventually take this haul to a charity thrift shop, but before I do, I thought I'd check in with my loyal readers (the ones based in the Lower Mainland anyway) and see if there's anything in the pics below that you'd like. The reason I say "Lower Mainland" is because I don't want to mail anything and I'd really rather just arrange for whoever wants something to pick it up from me - not from my house per se (that would freak me out if you were someone I didn't know), but to meet at a coffee shop or something for the transfer of ownership.

Basically, if you like it, it's yours. Just leave a comment in the Comments section and call dibs on whatever you want, however many items you want. Alternatively, if you don't have a Windows Live account, send me a message using the link on my profile and include your email. If there's two bids on one item, the one with the earlier timestamp wins. If there are unclaimed items by the time Saturday rolls around, they will be donated.

Many of these items have only been used once or twice; some of them were used intensely over the space of four or so months and then fell by the wayside as I got bored of them. (Yes, I am a terrible consumer...there's no avoiding the awful truth.)

Let the dibb-ing begin! Meanwhile, I've sworn off buying those irresistible bargains that got me into this mess in the first place. No more cheap shit for me since I'm cleaning a ton of shit out of my closet.

Small to mid-size purses: Small silver satin beaded evening bag (Claire's); white leather and straw clutch with inner compartments (Urban Outfitters); black evening bag with twist handle (er, from Sears?); white organza and red silk Chinese-style handbag (from Chinatown in Victoria); brown artificial leather purse (a Chinese store); brown and pink small bowling bag (Roots).

Large purse: Green linen and white leather trim handbag (RW & Co).

Hats and mittens (sorry, teddy bears aren't part of the giveaway): Corduroy bucket hat (on panda); twill bucket hat (centre); white fleece toque (Old Navy); purple/pink/white convertible mittens/fingerless gloves.

Scarves: Purple wool scarf; lightweight ombre sky blue scarf with gold metallic thread (Chinatown); two-toned long thick green scarf (Old Navy); blue silk skinny scarf (Old Navy).

Jewelry (from left to right): Gold multi-coloured bracelet; silver multi-coloured dolphin bracelet; rhinestone heart and dog tag on gold chain (Xcetera); turquoise and gold bangles (Claire's); intertwined strands of yellow and green stones (from Mexico); small pearl necklace; pearl and clear bead bangle; silver with blue butterfly ring; Indian-inspired green and coppery pendant (Le Chateau).

Dress: White halter dress with crochet detail at the bust and red and green embroidered flowers. I bought this in Mexico and the skirt is really see-through, so I've never figured out how to wear it except as a really elaborate cover-up over my bikini at the beach.


  1. Dibs on the RW&Co bag, the purple wool scarf, and the blue Chinatown scarf!!

  2. green and yellow beads!!!

  3. Cool! I'll put those items aside for you guys.

  4. Yahoo for spring cleaning! Congrats.

  5. shotty the two tone green scarf.

    also, if you'd rather not give some away, towards the end of june a bunch of my friends and i are having a closet on the street sale to get rid of our clothes for a little cash before we all head off to college, you're welcome to ditch the goods there too if you like


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