Today's Outfit: May 18, 2008

I took my family out for dim sum today as a belated Mother's Day present for my mom; if you're not Asian and you don't know what that is, think of dim sum as the Chinese equivalent of Sunday brunch. However, instead of mimosas and eggs Benedict, you drink tea and chow down on small plates and bamboo containers of food. People push carts of these plates and containers past you and call out what they have, and when you like something, you stop them and they grab it off the cart for you. My dim sum favourites usually include ha gao (shrimp dumplings wrapped in clear rice pastry and steamed), shiu mai (pork dumplings wrapped in yellow pastry), and "phoenix claws" (chicken feet steamed in savoury sauces and flavourings). Yum!

An occasion like this called for something a bit more demure and proper, and with the hot weather we've been enjoying in Vancouver lately, it seemed like the perfect occasion for a skirt and low heels.
  • White lace-trimmed cami (RW & Co)

  • Black-on-white floral print skirt (Ricki's)

  • Red leather slides with white topstitching (A. Giannetti)

  • Pearl stud earrings (Claire's)

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