Lisa's Most Coveted List

Five graphic tees that equal Total Cuteness Overload.

1. Public Library yellow Hello Kitty Malibu sunset scoopneck, $48. This is what happens when the full-on fob meets the "LA girl from The Hills" aesthetic.

2. Public Library Hello Kitty 'Always have Paris' tee, $28. Hello Kitty's friends are in the Eiffel Tower! It doesn't get any cuter than this.

3. Sex and the City 'I'm a Carrie' tee, $48. Just in time for the movie and available with the names of all four characters. I like the black because it hides Cosmo spill stains.

4. Save the Earth tee, $16.90. This is probably by far the cutest eco-friendly message graphic tee I've seen to date.

5. Masha D'yans Love Series tee, $38. I wish this much love would rain into my life!

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  1. !!! :) you are right, I do need tee #2. There are been sooo many mentions about Paris lately from books, TV shows (re: lauren's trip in the Hills), t-shirts, travel articles in the newspaper, ect. I can't go a day without a reminder :).


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