Teenflo Temptations

As Vancouverites flock to the new H&M flagship and Apple store in Pacific Centre this weekend, girls in the know should also make a detour and check out the new Teenflo flagship that sits between Holt Renfrew and H&M.

According to the Vancouver flagship's sales manager, Marta Lewicka, and to the Teenflo website, the company began in Paris in 1975 as a venture specializing in perfect-fitting pants. Years later, Charles LePierre and Judy Richardson introduced Teenflo to Canada. Today Teenflo clothes are carried in Holt Renfrew stores across the country, but to date the Teenflo store in Pacific Centre is the first Teenflo store to open in Western Canada. The line boasts classic tailoring, Canadian manufacturing and Canadian or European textiles, as well as immaculate quality, ensuring that anything you buy can be worn for years to come.

A quick perusal around and I was definitely impressed. While the figure-flattering silhouettes and fabulous textiles ensured that these were perfect pieces for a career gal, there was also a lot in the collection that seemed on-trend with what's been happening this summer. The black-on-white scribble skirt and dress with a touch of yellow echoed the same colour palette adopted by Gucci's ready-to-wear spring line for 2008. Quality comes with a price tag, and I'm sad to say that many of the pieces seemed out of my normal price range for clothes. However, I could definitely see myself splurging on one great-fitting pair of trousers, blazer, or dress as an investment piece. Maybe I'll treat myself to the bright yellow Frances swing jacket when my birthday rolls around in September...if there are any left. :P

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  1. Hot picks! I love that black and white dress.


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