Lovely Links: The SATC Edition

Everyone is going SATC-crazy these days! I myself can't wait until tonight: I've got presale tix to the late show and dinner and drink plans at Lucy Mae Brown with my girls tonight. (Background info: LMB is a hip downtown eatery with a cocktail lounge nicknamed "the opium den" downstairs. The building it's in used to be a brothel; Lucy Mae Brown is supposedly the name of the madam who ran it. It seemed like an appropriate place for a pre-SATC outing.)

So in honour of the SATC hysteria, I've compiled a list of links to all sorts of fun stuff.

If you haven't already seen it, watch the trailer, exclusive clips, and a behind-the-scenes featurette about the costumes on the official movie site.

The girls at the Style Spy are going SATC crazy too. Heidi Hofstad breaks down the characters' best looks here and here, and created a quiz for the hardcore fans. (I scored 8 out of 10.)

This lovely lass has been posting makeup how-to videos on Youtube for how to re-create the characters' makeup looks. You can see her Charlotte video here, and there are links to videos for the other characters on the page.

Tomorrow I'll have pictures and a play-by-play recap of the evening, including a snapshot of me dressed as Charlotte York Goldenblatt, I promise!

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