More Marciano Finds

Yesterday, I posted about Marciano's 'Crete' day dress and how much it reminded me of Lena in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. After writing that post, I had some time to peruse the Marciano website more extensively and found other intriguing items. Enjoy!

'Abby' back lace dress, $177.37. I keep coming back to this dress time and again. It's unabashedly sexy, yes, but it's also remarkably covered up. The neckline on the front hides the collarbone and long sleeves conceal bare arms and shoulders. What's left is an alluring glimpse of your back (again, somewhat hidden yet made all the more alluring by the black lace) and your long legs. I can picture myself making dramatic exits wherever I wear this frock, flashing over-the-shoulder flirtatious smiles at cute boys. However, I'm not sure if those stellar moments would be worth the price tag.

'Christy' zipper pin, $50.68. For those unfamiliar with SATC, or those who are only casual watchers of the TV series, Carrie's white vintage dress with the huge flower corsage in the movie feels fresh and new. For myself and other diehard fans, the look smacks of season 3: I even remember her sporting the flower on a one-shoulder dress in one of those episodes where she's dating the politician. In short, the concept seems recycled, which is why I'm so intrigued by this pin. Part ornate bow, part abstract flower, the silver zipper and oversized jewels give it some edge and downtown attitude. The details also liven up a "been there, done that" look. Just imagine how great it'd look pinned to a floaty white sundress or chiffon dress, on the collar of a denim jacket, or clipped to a mass of flowing wavy hair.

'Eva' belt, $71.79. The next time you find yourself bored to death with your little black dress for a formal event, try cinching it with a special belt like this one to stand out in a sea of black. What makes this belt so awesome, you ask? It juxtaposes various textures and combines some major accessories trends with its oversized black gems, gold feathers, and faux python. At the same time, though, it strikes a delicate balance between statement accessory and downright garishness. Wear this belt and feel as exotic as a rare jewel or a jungle creature.


  1. The accessories are fantastic. Really like that belt. Plain Jayne (I think) did a DIY zipper pin recently...very inspiring.

  2. Oh thanks for reminding me about your link! I would have totally forgotten and you were such a sweet heart to ask me nicely!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely check them out. I love that zipper pin too!

  4. that lace dress is fabulous! a great find!!

  5. The Clothes Horse: A DIY zipper pin would be a fabulous idea! I should look into it.


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