Get Lucky, Get Dresses

A coworker sent me a link to a top from the Miss Get Lucky website that she admired, and since then I haven't been able to stop browsing the girly goodness that MGL offers.

Jennifer dress, $72.80. This dress is vaguely reminiscent of my Chulo Pony black corduroy dress in its silhouette and Victorian appeal. I'd wear it with black leather boots and a chunky cable-knit cardigan for a bit of contrast.

Hang the Moon dress, $86.80. A deep purple and black floral pattern, black sash, and deep V halter make this dress feminine without being cloyingly sweet.

Wishful Thinking dress, $87.50. I love the pristine quality of white dresses for summer; the pleated bodice and tiered skirt make this version extra special.

86th and Broadway dress, $87.50. This dress's breathtaking prettiness needs no explanation.


  1. Wow what a great site, thanks for the link! I am getting extremely bored with everything in the stores in Vancouver stores lately ick!

  2. wow these are so pretty - I am so sad that summer is almost gone otherwise I would totally get 1 ... I want to keep wearing my summer dresses

  3. That last dress has me swooning! So pretty.

  4. Such sweet dresses! I especially love the blue and white one :)


  5. I would get the first dress it's gorgeous!


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