How Do You Wear It: Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Heel

It's time for a long overdue edition of How Do You Wear It! If this is the first time you've read this feature, basically, MizzJ and I select a standout item that we style outfits around. This time, we've chosen the turquoise cutout heel by Jeffrey Campbell ($88). When I first proposed this shoe as the next HDYWI item to MizzJ, she actually said, "It's so you. Classic but unique." I see what she means: the peep toe, the worn-in quality of the burnished leather, the 2" high conical heel...they seem like a hybrid of my peep-toe shoes and my beige Pull and Bear heels with the button adornments (remember, the ones I spilled beer on and still haven't re-dyed?). I think my deep love of these shoes was my downfall, though, because for the longest time I envisioned them with everything. With previous HDYWI posts, the concept for the outfit came to me immediately, but this one had me stumped because I didn't know how to narrow down my vision.

Finally, after much pondering, I turned to the Chap Olympiad for inspiration. The Chap Olympiad is an annual picnic extravaganza that happens in London. To attend, you have to do a little scavenger hunt around the city for clues that will help you find the final destination. Once you get to the final destination, everyone is dressed in vintage clothing and nostalgic paraphernalia and enjoying a picnic on a lawn or in a garden. I first heard about the Chap Olympiad via Times of Glory, who posted about her experiences attending the event here. Her wonderful photos prompted me to think about what I would wear if I were to go. Heck, I'd wear this outfit out and about in the city if I could afford all the pieces (hint hint, Anthropologie).

Tiffany's Treasure top, $62.30. I started off with this confection of a top in mind. The Swiss-dotted light blue layers, ruffles, pleats, and black bow are as sweet as can be, and make this top look like something an antique doll might wear.

Buttoned pencil skirt, $160.04. Next, I wanted to tone down the preciousness of the top with a no-nonsense black pencil skirt. This version from Anthropologie is sleek and menswear-inspired--a perfect contrast to the softness of the top. The row of buttons down one side lends it added vintage appeal.

Poison oval ring, $24. Poison rings presumably got their name because the hinged ornament or stone on the front opened to reveal a small storage space behind the ring, forming the perfect place for storing poison to be used on a disliked courtier. The jade green of the stone and the silver complement the sea-blue top and the brilliant turquoise hue of the shoes.

'Sunday Best' wallet, $214.11. I seem to do this a lot: choose an item so adorable that I'm at a loss for words to describe how wonderful it is. This wallet with a detachable wrist strap would be one of them. Just drink in the whimsical details and that Granny Smith apple green.

Straw Panama hat, 12 pounds. A Panama hat on a man is a classic masculine touch; on a woman, it hints at confident sex appeal. This hat will keep the sun off your face while counterbalancing the girliness of the rest of the outfit.

Porcelain layering necklace, $24. It's another little detail that adds depth and visual interest, and it ties together the blues and greens in the rest of the outfit.

Update: MizzJ has published her HDYWI post here.


  1. Very nice outfit! I love that poison ring, in fact I was pondering using it in my own outfit for this post! I like how you balance the masculine menswear skirt and hat with the very girly clutch and top. Whimisical is certainly the best way to describe your style ;)

  2. Awesome outfit and I really like those shoes. They're statement making, but not as overt as some.

  3. Thanks!!
    That anthropologie outfit is really cool. I would definitely wear it the oval ring too. The color is gorgeous

  4. Thanks you guys!

    Arielle, only the skirt and clutch are from Anthropologie, although I guess it is kind of an "Anthropologie outfit" since most of the pieces are from there or Urban Outfitters, which is affiliated with Anthropologie.

  5. hey! i've tagged you in my blog :]

  6. that top is adorable! a girl wore a dress super similar to that to our prom.

  7. The shoes are darling!

  8. Love the hat... I really must find more occasions to wear hats.


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