Today's Outfit: August 17, 2008

There are two types of people where hot weather is concerned, it seems. On one hand, we have the "cool as cucumbers" camp, which my friend Patrick (you may remember him from this post) belongs to. He swears that he can walk 15 blocks in a tropical clime with jeans on and not break a sweat. Then there are the "sweat like a stuck pig" types who only need to stand in direct sunlight for about 10 minutes before their foreheads start to glisten. Maybe it's because being born and raised in Canada has thickened my blood, but I am decidedly in the latter group. It's been hot, hot, hot in Vancouver and humid to boot. Average temperatures hovered around the high twenties and low thirties and left me languishing like a wilting flower.

Today I tried to "think cool" with my outfit--not by piling on layers and deluding myself into thinking it was winter outside, but by channeling the seeming effortlessness of a high-maintenance Brazilian woman. You know the archetype: Tan and poised, manicured and pedicured, with a sensual charisma and a mass of flowing wavy hair, she doesn't let the heat get to her and she looks like she might glow a bit but never break into a sweat. So did it work? Well, I did fine until I went salsa dancing.

(A detail shot of the crochet for your viewing pleasure.)

  • White crochet halter top (from Mexico)
  • Cuffed khaki capris (American Eagle Outfitters)
  • Gold leather cork wedge sandals (Gap Kids)
  • Dangly gold leaf earrings (Claire's)
I'm curious: Which hot-weather personality are you?

P.S. I know I've said I'll only post on weekdays, but I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm allowed a couple of one-off weekend posts, aren't I?


  1. The neckline on that top is just lovely.

  2. Thanks for adding me! I want to add you and do the blogroll thing but it will take me some time to figure that out.


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