Today's Outfit: Sparkle, Sparkle!

Ugh. After about a week and a half of running myself ragged, I've been knocked down by a cold. This was what I was wearing when I bailed on work early yesterday to come home and rest, figuring that a bit of rest right now, when I'm just on the verge of getting sick, would be better than taking several days off if I become really ill later on. Ah well, at least my outfit is sparkly enough to compensate for my not-so-sparkly state right now.

  • Black blazer (Gap)
  • White V-neck tee (Suzy Shier)
  • Rhinestone-embellished gray racerback tank (H&M)
  • Skinny jeans (Banana Republic)
  • Black pumps (Paolo Corelli)
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Silver heart pendant (Coach)
  • Sunglasses (Chanel)
  • Silver bangle (from childhood)


  1. I feel a cold coming on too. So annoying!

  2. Awww, yuck! But good for you for not heading into work. It's 5:30 am and I've been up for a few hours with a scratchy, raw throat (from hawking vegetables on a SkyTrain party and skytrain pole dancing with my boss, no less, haha). Anyway, lady, I miss you. Lets do tea or the new Woody Allen movie sometime.


  3. And I forgot to add that the blazer looks really sharp, especially with the light tank underneath. Fab cut. Great find!

  4. Haha Meganfit, we should get together! I think your Translink antics might be a bit much for me though.

  5. love the sparkles! the blazer is my favorite part tho

  6. ouu, i love the rhinestone tank.
    killer outfit! x


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