Marciano 'Crete' Day Dress

This comes as a bit of a shameful confession, but I'm a closet The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fan. I first became intrigued when I saw the movie trailer, and through the first movie and my voracious reading of the entire series in one weekend, became utterly devoted. After Sex and the City, Sisterhood is the second most exciting chick flick for me this summer. Ann Brashares's emotional storylines, beautiful Santorini scenery, great acting by a quartet of appealing can you go wrong?

In particular, I'm a huge fan of Alexis Bledel's ladylike look while she's in Santorini: full skirts, demure blouses, strappy sundresses, and perfectly wavy hair. I honestly wanted everything she wore in the film--impossible, yes, but at least I can search for summer pieces that look like something her character, Lena, may wear while summering in Greece. The 'Crete' day dress by Marciano ($113.87) echoes Lena's tastes perfectly. The dress combines an empire waist with a loose A-line cut, making it comfortably breezy while highlighting the narrowest part of the body. I love the pockets on the sides--perfect for hiding nervous, fidgety fingers while talking to cute Grecian boys.


  1. Although I have not see the second movie yet, I do own all the books. I watched the trailer though, and will admit that Lena's outfits are so classic. And Alexis Bledel is so gorgeous; when has that girl ever looked not well put together and groomed?

    I will admit, I'm more of a Bee or Carmen myself...

  2. I haven't seen the film yet, but Lena has been my favorite since the first! I adore her style.

  3. That dress is lovely! It's so Lena.

  4. ah, so lena. i'm anxious to see the new movie, esp. to fill the blake lively gap since gossip girls been off air for a bit!


  5. I love the films and the fashion too!
    Just like Sex & The City, I love how all the girls have their own unique style.

    That dress is so beautiful...


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