Lovely Links

I am so impressed with Lala's shoe makeover skills.

More DIY fun: Daddy Likey channels her guitar frustration into a great handpainted T-shirt.

Tired of hemming pants to wear with heels, only to have the cuffs drag on the ground when you're forced to wear those same pants with flats? Working Girl shows us a stylish and ingenious solution for this exact problem, and offers us a 10% discount to boot.

The Clothes Horse ponders celebrities and trends while sporting the most adorable preppie outfit.

I'm all about the pointy-toed flats and so is Lucky magazine, but that doesn't make the affordable round-toed flats that The Style Spy found any less adorable.

Fashion Addict thinks it's time we embrace what makes us different, and I couldn't agree more.

Geoffrey York blogs from China for The Globe and Mail's coverage of the 2008 Olympics and offers a fascinating insider's view of what it's like in Beijing.


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