Happiness Is Just A Meme Away

(Oolong balancing a mini version of himself makes me happy, but then again, Oolong always cheers me up.)

Arielle from Hautest Style tagged me for a meme. It's the first time I've been tagged by a fellow blogger for one of these things, so I guess it means my readership's growing from "virtually non-existent" to "meager," right? ;-)

Anyway, here are the rules:

- Copy the rules.
- Write 14 "small things" that make me happy.
- Select 6 blogs so that they continue with the meme and notify them.

And, without further ado, the 14 small things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. My morning ritual: a huge mug of coffee, checking my Google Reader for updates to my favourite blogs, and seeing the thoughtful comments readers have left me.
  2. Comedies of the screwball and romantic variety.
  3. Latin pop music.
  4. Good song, good dance partner, good following on my part--the perfect salsa synchronicity.
  5. A new episode of a beloved TV show.
  6. Good times with friends and family.
  7. Reading a good book in bed.
  8. Speaking Spanish with my Latin friends.
  9. Stuffed animals--bears, bunnies, pandas, and koalas in particular.
  10. Being able to take my contacts out at the end of a long day.
  11. That feeling of immense satisfaction I get when I eat a food I've been craving for ages (poutine, salmon sashimi, hot wings, Greek salad, jalapeno cheddar kettle-cooked chips).
  12. Flossing.
  13. Home manicures and pedicures.
  14. Diego Luna movies.

I'm tagging the following 6 blogs to complete the meme. I can't wait to see their lists!
  1. Being High Maintenance, Not Bitchy
  2. Civilized Spice
  3. Trisch Express
  4. A Bite of the Big Apple
  5. Letters From the End Consumer
  6. La Petite Fashionista


  1. HAHAHA I cannot believe flossing is on your list. You're so funny :)

  2. Good list. I like getting food I've been craving for awhile, I know logically it makes me appreciate it more, but sometimes I just want to eat my favorites daily!

  3. Thanks for the mention Lisa!

  4. MizzJ, what can I say? A high-maintenance woman takes the time to floss. Case in point: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You of all people should know that. ;)


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