An Addendum for the Bachelor's Wardrobe

Yesterday, I posted what my friend Patrick thought were the five essentials in a bachelor's wardrobe. He did such a good job that I don't have much to add, but I did think of a couple of other items which would be handy for my newly single friend.

1. A black blazer. A well-cut black blazer looks sharp at a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant, or at 5 in the afternoon when meeting a girl for a "casual drink thing." Bonus: If it's unexpectedly chilly outside, offer the girl your blazer and score brownie points. I like this version from the Gap; the well-cut but not overly slim silhouette and the two-button front are simple and classic, and the lapel is just the right width.

Pinstriped blazer, $88

2. Lip balm. Really, do I have to go into why this is an essential?!

3. Some man jewelry. Hmm this one might require more explanation. I listen to the Kid Carson show on the Beat 94.5 a lot, and every Friday local dating guru Daniel Packard dishes dating advice to the singles out there. He swears by the "point of interest" item: something that stands out from the rest of your outfit and piques the curiosity of the opposite sex. For example, if you're a guy, wearing an interesting necklace or ring might pique the interest of women, who come over and ask you about said accessory. In other words, it makes a great icebreaker. I like the look of Armani Exchange's charm necklaces.

Charm necklace, $28


  1. i like ur essentials. especially the armani mecklace

  2. i agree. a good blazer and necklace makes a man stand out. great choice!


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