Eye Candy: Chanel Paper Dolls

I mentioned ages ago that I'd ordered a copy of Tom Tierney's Chanel Fashion Review paper doll book and promised scans of my favourite looks in an upcoming Eye Candy post. Well, after two and a half months, I've brushed the dust off my scanner and delivered on my promise.

The book was a brilliant purchase as a time capsule of Chanel's most notable vintage looks, but as an actual paper doll book, it wasn't that great. The dolls and outfits are printed on heavy paper that feels like a glossy lightweight cardboard--a very difficult material to cut, especially since some of the dolls have very fine details that you have to cut around. Also, none of the dolls or outfits are perforated, making cutting out the dolls and outfits without mutilating them even harder. In the end, I didn't want to ruin the book and the lovely captions detailing each outfit and left it alone. This book isn't just eye candy, though; the inside cover features a brief biography of Coco Chanel's life.

These are just some of my favourite looks in the book and what I love about them.

Details, details. The subtle white bow headband and chunky costume jewelry add interest to the head-to-toe white ensemble on the left. The outfit on the right is the iconic Chanel suit, but the oversized bow and two-toned pumps add extra flair.

Still stylish today. The black flower on the hip of the left outfit reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's oversized silk flower corsages. The little ribbon tie on the right ensemble is a look that Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker have both sported.

Black dresses and pearls are timeless. Just look at the outfits below! Enough said.

Roots run deep. Chanel began her career as a milliner. This deep orange cloche hat with the pleated embellishment is so simple yet perfect, and is evidence of her humble beginnings.

Drop dead gorgeous. Chanel is best known for introducing the world to the LBD, but even she knew nothing stops admirers in their tracks like a jolt of jaw-dropping colour, as evidenced by this purple evening gown designed for Gloria Swanson.

A cinched waist. I love how full this coat is at the bottom. You just don't see high drama like this in coats anymore.

Cue the drool. I love everything about this outfit, period. I'd wear it in a heartbeat.


  1. Oooh, these are delightful! Toys for the grown girl!

  2. Love that last outfit, especially the two-toned heels. It's amazing how modern and stylish these outfits still are today! I also agree with you on the full coat thing *sigh*


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