Lisa's Most Coveted List

You know the drill! 5 things I'm loving or lusting after right now.

1. Reik's Secuencia album. Reik's sentimental pop rock en espanol makes me absurdly happy when I'm at work.

2. 'Scent of summer' tunic, $45.99. Purple? Check. Pleated chiffon? Check. Demure floral details? Check. I can't stop envisioning this top with my dark denim circle skirt.

3. Frying pan-da, $34.99. Grilled cheese sandwiches taste a wee bit better when your adorable frying pan is smiling back at you. Along with the Hello Kitty toaster, the panda frying pan might actually turn me into a breakfast person.

4. Gold and blue multi-flower hoops, $25.89. Oversized gold hoops are usually associated with a ghetto fabulous vibe, but these earrings transcend any association with hip-hop music video style. Sweet blossoms and gem and enamel details make these the accessory of choice for swishy summer skirts.

5. Colin Firth. BBC miniseries fans swear that Firth is the definitive Darcy. For me, his appeal lies in his ability to convey straitlaced British breeding while cutting loose in hilarious ways. My love for him was renewed while watching him rock out in a black tee and leather pants in What a Girl Wants (hey, it was on TV and there was nothing else on!). And who can forget the sissy fight sequences in Bridget Jones? I can't wait to see him belt out ABBA songs in Mamma Mia!

Update: I've just discovered that track 6 in the embedded playlist above skips. If you want to listen to "Invierno" (and trust me, it's worth a listen!), watch the video below.


  1. Very good picks! How did you find that embedded player like that?

  2. oh! Colin Firth is very dreamy... I had the good fortune to run into him on the street in Chiswick, London in May. I did a double take and nearly swooned.

  3. MizzJ: I embedded a playlist from Imeem that contained all the same songs as Secuencia.

    Star Anise: Good fortune indeed! I read an interview with him once and he said he used to live in Vancouver, but he couldn't find work as an actor here. I wonder which idiots didn't want to hire him; they're probably kicking themselves now.

  4. The pan-da is hot! I love it!

    Why will you be coming to NYC in November?

  5. i've recently discovered your blog and I love it. the heading with the picture of the closet is great and the blouse in the purple and little rosettes is adorable and i really want to go make a grilled cheese in that frying pan now! awesome music too i like de que sirve :]

  6. ilove the frying panda.. ilove panda's :):)

  7. Now all mentions of "panda" reminds me of "Po" from KFP! ;-)

    Colin Firth!!! YES! I am one of those fans who swear that "Firth is the definitive Darcy" was really funny watching him play the helpless father in Nanny McPhee though. *chuckles*


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