Guys' Style Advice: What to Wear with Colourful Sneakers?

Recently, a coworker of mine sent me a link to a pair of great blue, yellow, and green Adidas sneakers with a brief message that said, "So I bought those, but what do they go with?"

Hmm interesting question. First off, I have to commend him on his sartorial flair and choice of footwear. While I know my share of stylish guys, I also know many guys aren't adventurous enough to try a colourful sneaker. He's taken the plunge and bought the shoes, and his outfits will be the better for it.

Some fashionistas and more daring dressers would tell him to wear the shoes with anything, including lots of bold clashing colours, and just own the look. However, it's a well-known truth that guys are notoriously afraid of looking stupid in front of other guys. Whereas girls may admire the Olson twins for their eccentric sense of style and "try anything once" attitude, guys will and do rag on each other, especially after a couple of pitchers at the local watering hole.

That being said, here are two looks--one for cold weather, one for hot weather--that could work with such fabulous statement shoes.

Polo/shorts combos. For the summer, nothing says casual cool like a pair of shorts that comes to the knee and a polo. I like how these shorts are in relatively lightweight fabrications that slouch and crinkle a bit. The neutral colours don't detract from or clash with the sneakers, while small details such as ties, zippers, and grommets add visual interest. I like how the side cargo pockets don't bulge out and add unnecessary bulk to the leg. As for the polos, a crisp white number is always classic, but ones with bright green stripes or black graphic embellishments (with a touch of pink embroidery) are fun alternatives. The key to pulling off this look is white ankle socks: no tanlines, no tackiness.

From left to right:

The fun prepster. Sneakers and jeans go together like cookies and milk; they were great when you were a kid, and they still deliver today. To add some polish to a tried-and-true combo, take a cue from Ralph Lauren and layer a classic zip-up cardigan or a V-neck sweater with a crest over a collared white shirt and a tie. Avoid predictability and up the ante with some funky premium denim and the aforementioned sneakers.

  • Big Pony collection black zip-up cardigan, Ralph Lauren
  • Polo crest rugby sweater, Ralph Lauren
  • True Religion 'Joey Super T with Flap - Dark Wash' jeans
If anyone else has advice for my coworker, we'd both love to hear it! Leave your two cents in the comments.


  1. Hi from Paris Stylish Lisa,

    as i noticed through your comments that you like stylish people, i just wanted to warn you before i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

    i wish you a pleasant evening and hop that my com is not intrusiv

    cheers from Paris


  2. great advice that I'm sure so many guys could find useful:) those are a pretty sweet pair of shoes & i'm sure this is a common problem!

  3. Nice outfits. I think bright kicks are great for guys to wear.
    And it is a lot of fun to pose in washers and dryers--I was laughing at myself most of the time!

  4. Love the outfits, and boys that wear bright anything are pretty cool.

    BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

  5. Love the jeans for the fun prepster.. . that's a hot look.


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