Mixing Patterns in One Outfit

Tory Burch's Resort 2009 collection is probably the most concise pictorial guide known to woman on how to mix patterns in one outfit--all the while looking chic and polished. Let's analyze why these looks work, shall we?

  1. One print (the floral) is a lot larger and more attention-grabbing than the other (the stripes) so that they don't clash.
  2. The clothes stay in the same colour family (navy and white, or similar shades of blue); this creates a sense of unity across the pieces.
  3. Accessories in solid colours--such as handbags, belts, and shoes--help ground the outfit and let the eye maintain focus on the more outrageous print.
  4. A body-flattering cut that shows off your legs lets you wear large prints without making you feel overwhelmed.


  1. Very nice! I like how elegant this mixing of patterns is compared to the usually messy style.


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