Good and bad news...

I've been posting every day so far this month, which is completely unprecedented for my blog. I knew this pace couldn't continue for long, though; producing content seven days a week is quite demanding. I really admire bloggers like WendyB and The Clothes Horse who can do multiple updates a day, seven days a week. So, the bad news is, after this post, I'll be cutting back to 3-5 posts a week on weekdays only. But the good news is that I've been accepted as a regular contributor to local style blog/website Stylefinds, so in a way, you can still get a near-daily fix of my blathering. :P

I'll mostly be writing about special sales happening in and around Vancouver, but hopefully in the future I'll be doing more substantial features for Stylefinds. Stay tuned.


  1. Ha-ha, how ironic that you post about my regular updates on a day I announce a small break! ^_-
    Anyway, I'm off to Washington State to see my family when vacation comes and if all goes well I will be going somewhere else very cool after that...but I'm keeping it quiet on that for now.

  2. Don't feel bad - I get so busy that I limit myself to weekday activity too. Although I do cheat and write like all of them on the weekend and set them to be auto-posted throughout the week, and then throughout the week, try to start some new ones. Good job on Style Finds, I'm back from Scandiland at last (have been since the 18th.) Excited to start reading your stuff again :D


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