Happy 250th Post!

It all started with a pair of green shoes.

Over a year ago, I was chatting with a friend about a pair of green canvas wedges I'd bought at Payless and searching for a picture of them. My search took me to Meg's (now defunct) beauty/fashion/pop culture blog Faking Good Breeding. I stole the image off her post and sent it onward, but not before reading her blog and thoroughly enjoying her writing. It wasn't long before I started reading other fashion blogs, and from there it seemed like a natural leap to start writing one of my own.

I know bloggers usually mark momentous occasions like their 100th or 200th post, but I missed those anniversaries because at the time, I was blogging on Live Spaces and Live Spaces doesn't keep count of how many posts you've done. (Damn them.) Instead, I've decided to celebrate my 250th post with a picture of the shoes that launched Solo Lisa y Nada Mas.


  1. Congrats! See, I did comment ;)

  2. Fantastic! Congratulations!
    Oh and as for bangles, I used to have the same problem, then I moved to Hawaii. Jade is very important there and they make bangle bracelets for babies on up, so you get sized for a bangle that fits! It's actually a squeeze to get them over your hand.


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