Luxe For Less: Carrie's Studded Belt from the SATC Movie

A week ago, this request came to me from Wild Thyme:

"Have you seen the sex in the city movie? Carrie has the best outfits and I love the rent to own bag concept! Let me know if you can find a 'cheaper' version of the black studded belt Carrie wears a few times throughout the movie."

Wild Thyme, darling, of course I've seen the movie! I gushed about the girls night out I'd planned for the day the film came out here. The wardrobe was droolworthy indeed, although I'm more of a Charlotte at heart. I too initially thought the "rent to own" bag concept was neat, but changed my mind after debating its pros and cons. Oh, and as soon as I received your request, my own curiosity got the better of me and I started hunting for lookalike belts at cheaper prices.

Some light investigative research yielded bad news: The actual belt that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the film is a one-of-a-kind vintage creation. That being said, thank goodness for knockoffs and Patricia Field's entrepreneurial spirit. She's offering an exact replica of the belt for $120 on her website.

Before you pump your fists in the air and shout "Huzzah!", I have more bad news for you: The Patricia Field replica belt is completely sold out. You're not the only girl in the world lusting after it, and apparently there are Carrie fans out there who are willing to fork out $120 plus shipping to look like their idol. However, the good news is, I've found similar versions of the same look from ASOS and Target at more wallet-friendly prices.

Pyramid stud waist belt from ASOS, 15 pounds

Mossimo for Target pyramid studded belt, $19.99

If there's a fashion item out there that makes your heart ache with its desirability and unattainability, I'd love to hear about it. Who knows--I just might find a more affordable version for you. Email me at


  1. I quite like that Target one. I'm not sure whether to get one or not though...I haven't seen the film and I'm not a huge fan of the whole series...

  2. Fabulous belt! I'm sure Wild Thyme has already abused her credit card and has this one on order...

    Great site Lisa! We've just added you to our links.

  3. I saw a similar belt at Zara today!

  4. Gotta love the classic studded belt :)

  5. I love to watch movies and usually the hollywood made, I was even watching where was the holiday filmed on Netflix and it was actually pretty amazing story to watch and hear.


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