Today's Outfit: From the Office to Salsa

The power of layering never ceases to amaze me. Take this red dress, for instance. I bought this dress as a cheap colourful dress that I could wear out to clubs; hence the eye-catching colour and the low V-neck. With layers, however, it became a funky yet office-appropriate outfit that I could easily wear out salsa dancing after work. The white cami raises the neckline, while the brown jersey skirt layered beneath the dress adds fullness and length. I like how the layers heighten the interest level and depth of this dress, giving it an entirely different look.

Some detail shots for your viewing pleasure.

  • Red dress with turquoise sash (Mantique Outlet)
  • White cami (RW & Co)
  • Brown jersey skirt (from some boutique on W. 4th)
  • Red/turquoise bead shell earrings (from a little store on Granville Island)
  • Black flat sandals (Stitches)


  1. I really like all the layers you are working and the hemlines are added interest as well. Plus, the colors are nice together.

  2. I like your outfit. Very simple yet elegant. :)Just visiting...Please feature photos about jeans. :)


  3. Jules: Can you be a bit more specific? Jeans for guys or girls? Are you looking for denim-buying advice? The reason I ask is because I don't normally just post pictures of things. In the past, though, I have helped other people shop for jeans (


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