Impromptu Weather-proofing

A couple weeks ago, Miss Greentea left this comment on my strategic layering post:

"Nice post, Lisa. I wear tights under my leggings and then my boots whenever I need to wear a skirt to church, because it always gets so cold."

I really have to thank Miss Greentea for saving my naively optimistic butt yesterday. Since it was raining in the morning, I foolishly thought to myself, "If it's warm enough to rain instead of snow, it's warm enough to get away with opaque tights." Boy, was I wrong! I was regretting my decision by lunchtime when I saw actual flurries outside, and yearned to return home and pull on a pair of sweater leggings over my tights, one-hour round trip be damned. (I know this is ironic coming from someone who did a post on strategic layering--but hey, it isn't exactly "strategic" when the weather catches you off guard.)

Luckily, I didn't have to. I popped into Exposure in Yaletown during my lunch break. They were having a 50% off all winter stuff sale, including their selection of knee-high and thigh-high socks. I chose a glittery black pair of thigh-highs with vertical ribbed stripes and pulled them on over my tights right in the store. 10 minutes and $11 later, I had toasty-warm, windproof legs.

Miss Greentea, I salute you and your layering wisdom! This is yet another reason why I love reader comments: the style-tip swapping goes both ways!


  1. As a Minnesota resident, I'm ashamed to admit that I've never tried this layering trick. But I sure will now!

  2. i love your layering advice! :) and wishing you a happy new year as well!

    La C.

  3. i have been seeing a lot of pulling thigh highs over tights! i love this look! i can't wait to try it! thank goodness you were able to get a pair otherwise you would have been freezing! it was super cold yesterday!

  4. LOL! my art of layering always consists of WOOL since im soo NOT used to cold weather! that was fun though! :)

  5. great idea with the double legging layering! never really thought of that, and it's perfect when you still want to wear a dress or skirt but afraid of the cold. That's Me! :D

  6. I love layering this way. People always wonder how I go through winter without pants, but you can wear lots on your legs without wearing pants!

  7. Yay for socks over opaques. Saves my legs from freezing too :)

  8. Hey Lisa! :D

    I'm so glad that my comment was of use. Have an awesome new years!!~

    p.s. I feel so honoured to be quoted on your blog btw. ;)


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