Lisa's Gift Guide For People Who Have Everything #2: Novelty Umbrellas

Good for: Frugal fashionistas who would coo over these but never spend the money to buy one for themselves, inhabitants of rainy places, commuters who wear head-to-toe black and need a punch of colour to brighten up their ensembles without committing to anything too crazy.

Not for: Wallflowers. These umbrellas will attract admiring glances and compliments galore.

What to go for: Founded in 1935, Vancouver's own The Umbrella Shop has been stylishly shielding Vancouverites from the rain for years. If you don't have any time to swing by The Umbrella Shop in person, check out these fun options from Modcloth.

'Raining Cats and Dogs' umbrella, $31.99

'Lovely Plumage' umbrella, $20.99


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  2. umbrellas, good idea, even though i thought i has enough of them after rhianna, but those are cute

  3. i'm definitely due for one! this morning when i woke up for my 730 exam i had to walk 20 min in a downpour. my poor umbrella turned inside out & left me soaking wet.


  4. love it! terrific guide for people who...


  5. Ah, I would lobe a crazy umbrella. Such a unique gift idea too.

  6. Oh I like that cats and dogs one - good gift idea!

  7. love these umbrellas, i have to start thinkign about a chic umbrella to bring out!

  8. I heart fun umbrellas. There's a good store called Rain or Shine in NYC, in the 40s.

  9. Love the peacock!


    P.S. Carlos Miele is one of my favorite designers, too!

  10. Hey,

    I bought the Lovely Plummage umbrella from the UBC Bookstore for $25. It works insanely well.

    As a proud Vancouverite, I like to think that I'm not bothered by the rain so I generally avoid carrying umbrellas. This is the only umbrella that I love! It works well and it's so pretty =)



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