Today's Outfit: La Casita

So, yesterday was quite a day! After a day of meetings, revising files, and getting riled up by the Globe and Mail comments forum on my lunch break, I went to The Style Spy's Holiday Shopathon party at Fine Finds. I didn't buy anything, but I did have a very pleasant time browsing and saying hi to people I knew. I also bumped into Koko Stiletto; what a sweetheart! It was lovely meeting a fellow blogger who had left so many thoughtful comments on my posts.

After the party, it was off to La Casita in Gastown for margaritas and Mexican food with Miranda and Anthea, who is flying to Japan tomorrow and staying there for a year. (Boo urns, I'll definitely miss having her in the same time zone!) Anthea was kind enough to snap this pic of my outfit yesterday with her spiffy new camera.
  • Hat (H&M)
  • Long-sleeved tee (Smart Set)
  • Dress and belt (H&M)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Shoes (Next--London)
  • Pearl earrings (Claire's)
  • Purse (Chanel)


  1. love that dress!!

    La C.

  2. you are adorable in that hat.

    beautiful purse!

  3. Ooo, love those shoes!

  4. I love this look, L! The dress and hat really suit you!


  5. You look so elegant! Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. it was so nice to meet you too!!!!!
    it's a good thing you didn't buy anything b/c there was a 10% discount coupon in those goodie bags! i think i am going to go back and buy those feather headbands...
    gosh i love that H&M hat....
    and you are rockin that awesome dress too!

  7. chanel is LOVE :)

    oh my.. everytime i see this, it reminds me of my pseudo shopping ban! huhu


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