Lisa's Gift Guide For People Who Have Everything #4: Earrings

Good for: I don't know any girl with pierced ears who would say no to a pair of earrings.

Not for: Girls who don't have pierced ears, obviously--unless you buy clip-ons.

What to go for: Earrings are great because there are options at every price range. You can buy an inexpensive pair for a female coworker or--boyfriends, take note--splurge on something beautiful for the special gal in your life.

Jeweled clip earrings (Forever 21), $4.80

Bee 23 by Bing Bang Bow Locket Earrings (Urban Outfitters), $28

Soda dot earrings (Blue Ruby), $80


  1. Great picks, lady. And those clip ons can double as shoe embellishments - SCORE.

  2. i love it! i have yet to get my ears pierced. yes, i know. 'tis a sad, sad thing!

    La C.

  3. i love the urban outfitters pair! =) hmm but there usually aren't many nice clip on pairs for people without pierced ears... usually they're too oldish/too much gold/too gaudy/too much bling.

  4. Love those forever21 pair! Sigh, wish I had pierced ears, why must I be so squeamish!

  5. That last pair is graphic & lovely.

  6. Love first ones! Kisses ;)


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