Luxe Or Less: Blair Waldorf's 'Lothians' Tam

As Blair Waldorf knows, nothing says cozy cool in the winter like a knit hat. I blogged about this tam in one of the first posts I ever wrote about Gossip Girl. A year later, the little popcorn pompoms and the cable knit detailing are as appealing as ever. Too bad that the hat is no longer available at Anthropologie even if you are willing to fork over $68.

While not an exact replica, the aptly named 'Popular' beret from captures some of the same cute factor as the Lothians, at a more palatable price tag of $32.99.


  1. cute cap! but i really love blair's outfit here! how to wear white stockings.... hmm.. :)

  2. ooh very nice alternative! i've been loving winter hats lately-- a good way to be stylish while bundled up in coats!:)

  3. adorable!

    La C.

  4. gosh! featuring clothes on gossip girl is like oprah picking out a book for her book club!!!! instant popularity and demand! remember those over the knee chinese laundry boots ? i swear all my friends have a pair

  5. wow i love blair's outfit! =) reminds me of some drawstring dresses I saw on the U.O website


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