Lisa's Gift Guide For People Who Have Everything #3: Cute Tea Towels

Good for: Culinary enthusiasts, bachelor guy friends, people who have moved into new apartments, homemakers, hostesses, people who appreciate good design.

Not for: Kitchen-phobic urbanites who subsist off of take-out and restaurant meals.

What to go for: Tea towels are one of those extraordinarily useful items you can never have too many of. Crafts websites like Etsy and Canada's own goodEGG Industries are a gold mine for cute, one-of-a-kind linens. Alternatively, check your local paper for Christmas craft fair listings and support your local artists!

Tea towels by LU prints, $15 each (the prints are pretty unisex; click the link to see what each towel looks like when unfolded)

Boojiboo tea towels, $6.75 each


  1. Cute picks! Have you ever heard of Tefuki towels? They're traditional Japanese hand towels and the prints they come in are too beautiful to be used to dry your hands lol.

  2. I love the top ones - so cute and such a good idea. I actually got a bunch for my friends this year. It's so hard to go wrong with them :)


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