Tagging Gets Personal

I've been tagged by the lovely Couture Carrie to list 7 personal details about myself and then tag 7 other bloggers to do the same. So, without further ado, here goes!

  1. I double-majored in English literature and international relations for my BA.
  2. I've been to Mexico City 3 times and NYC twice.
  3. I can be single-minded to the point of ruthlessness about certain things--typos and grammatical errors, food cravings, crushes on boys, clothes and accessories I'm coveting, history. "Fixated" is an understatement.
  4. I have a weakness for pandas and bunnies above all other adorable fuzzy animals.
  5. I spend 8 to 12+ hours on the computer everyday--working, blogging, or researching.
  6. I speak English, two Cantonese dialects, some Mandarin, some Spanish, and some French.
  7. I am not a classy dame when drunk. Anyone who saw me on last Friday's pub crawl (or received my texts that night) can attest to that.
I'm tagging the following 7 blogs to do the same:
  1. Being High Maintenance, Not Bitchy
  2. Koko Stiletto
  3. Trisch Express
  4. Clothes Line Finds
  5. Fabutopia
  6. Already Pretty
  7. Wendy Brandes Jewelry


  1. Haha aren't you a little young to be calling yourself a dame?

  2. Eeee! Fun. I swear I won't forget to do this one. Thanks for tagging me, beautiful.

  3. Adore your facts, L! Wow you speak sooooo many languages and are incredibly educated - love that!


  4. Oh my! I need to add this to the long list of tags I need to do!

  5. MizzJ, I already have the "eccentric" part down pat, why not go for the "dame" descriptor too? ;)

    Sal and WendyB, thanks for keeping this tag on your radar!

    CC, thanks! I don't see myself that way in the least--there's still so much I have to learn, and so much space for improvement in my languages. Someday I'd like to be fluent in the "some" languages I listed and not just "able to get by."

  6. aw it was nice learning a bit more about you!!

    La C.

  7. Thanks for the tag, Lisa!

  8. Hey Lisa, thank you for tagging me... I can do the 7 things about me part, but I don't know 7 bloggers yet. I'm so new, that I've only started to get to know a small handful of people. But I will do my best!

    Goodness...You have a thing with grammar/spelling errors...now it will make me read not only two but quadruple times over everything....*worried face*

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. panda's and bunnies are my favorites too! :)

  11. thanks for the tag!
    wow you can speak so many languages! i can't wait to go to NYC i haven't even been once!!
    i tagged you for something else today :) sorry - check it out!http://kokostiletto.blogspot.com


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