Product Review: CG Wetslicks AmazeMint Lip Gloss

I'm usually a lip balm girl, so it takes me ages to use up a single lip gloss or lipstick; in fact, I often find myself throwing out lip products because they've gone bad rather than buying replacements for empty ones. For these reasons, the CG Wetslicks AmazeMint Lip Gloss I'm reviewing today wasn't something I purchased for myself, but a freebie I received as part of my goodie bag from The Style Spy's Holiday Shopathon.

The formula contains Crest peppermint oil and promises high shine, a balm-like texture, and smile-freshening properties. The gloss I received was a shimmery mocha colour called Toasted. Looking at it in the tube, I was wary that the colour would be too dark on me, but it looked quite sheer once I swiped it on my lips. The gloss has a delectable peppermint smell and taste: If I were one of those types who constantly licks the flavoured gloss off her lips, I'd definitely be re-applying this one constantly!

That being said, I'm very skeptical about the gloss's promise that it'll freshen your breath and your smile more than a conventional lip gloss would. Although the peppermint smell reminds me of toothpaste, it seems like a mask for bad breath and not a real solution like flossing and thorough brushing would be. Ladies, don't rely on lip gloss as a cure for hardcore halitosis.

One positive effect of the tingling peppermint oil, however, is that it has some mild plumping benefits. My lips seemed fuller and rosier within seconds of applying the gloss. While the effect wasn't dramatic, the shine of the lip gloss, its moisturizing qualities, and the peppermint oil made for a subtle difference. This might be worth considering for women who find real lip plumpers such as DuWop's Lip Venom too irritating.

Finally, one cautionary note: While looking up information on this gloss online, I noticed a lot of negative reviews where users complained about the tube leaking once it's been opened. Eep! I'd stash this in a small makeup case in my purse rather than directly in the purse itself.

What are your favourite lip gloss brands?


  1. Oh I looooove gloss - MAC Liplass and Chanel Glossimer are my faves!


  2. Nice tip about its storage problems! Sticky lip gloss everywhere is definitely a no-no. My fav glosses include MAC Lipglass as well as the clear gloss from BodyShop - it layers well with everything, provides great shine and no stickiness!

  3. victoria's secret's beauty rush & very sexy. not the most "fashionably luxurious" but nonetheless, amazing products.

    La C.


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