Birthday Bows

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"Being grown up is a terribly hard thing to do. It is much easier to go from one childhood to another." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I'm another year older today and none the wiser. Want an example of my stunted emotional growth? The quote above comes from a card my coworkers presented me with in honour of my university graduation. I started working at this software company a week after my last final, and 2-3 weeks before convocation. Jumping from school to the working world seems like a very grown-uppish thing to do--until, that is, you consider that this card is pinned above my work desk, right over the heads of my growing Starbucks bear collection. How ironic and appropriate all at the same time.

To celebrate my birthday, let's look at some pretty bow-festooned clothes and accessories I'd never in a million years get a chance to wear but would love to wear today, shall we? It's fun to fantasize after all, and elaborate bows can make a chica feel like she's a perfectly wrapped present all unto herself on her special day.

Alexis Mabille (All images are from the fall 2008 couture and RTW collections on

Armani Privé


Christian Dior

Elie Saab


  1. Oh, I adore all of the bows. Happy birthday! I'm certain you're growing leaps and bounds, it's just in ways we don't realize. In some ways it's frightening, but in another way: wouldn't it be great to wake up one morning and realize we are old? That all of the years leading up to "old" were spent being young and irrevrant towards age.

  2. Love all these bows, especially on that Alexis Mabille dress - did you see photos of Kiera Knightly wearing it? Gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday, Lisa!


  3. The Clothes Horse and Couture Carrie, thanks for the birthday wishes, the lovely comments you always leave me, and the enjoyment your wonderful blog posts always give me. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Wouldn't it be great if someone would buy one of those items as a gift for you? Here's to wishful thinking.

  5. nice...tie me up in big bow anytime! hee*
    have a great weekend dear...

  6. happy belated bday! i linked to those awesome dior shoes!thanks!


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