My Fall 2008 Shopping List

My shopping sabbatical ends in roughly 2.5 weeks, so what better way to celebrate than by posting my fall shopping list? I've had a few things on my mind for a while now, and I can't wait to be able to buy them.

1. A sweater coat. Last fall, I bought a thick white cardigan from Old Navy to use as a sweater coat but discovered that its chunky loose knit wasn't very warm at all. This time around, I'm looking for a structured cardigan, one with a tight knit that I can layer over a long-sleeved tee or a cotton sweater for warmth on a crisp autumn day. This one made of ultra-fine merino wool from Banana Republic ($130) should fit the bill nicely. (P.S. I found out that the sister of one of my friends works at BR, so I'll be exploiting her friends-and-family discount for this purchase!)

2. Jeans. I'm on the lookout for two pairs in the $70-100 range, dark wash, bootcut and skinny-cut, with interesting, flattering pocket details and short inseams so I can wear them with flats. Although I covet premium denim as much as the next girl, $250+ is too much to spend on a pair of everyday jeans for me. Fall is denim season for a lot of retailers, so I should have plenty of options when I hit the pavement and begin browsing. On the top of my must-visit list are Buffalo, Parasuco, Banana Republic, and Mavi Jeans.

3. Cashmere. A brightly coloured cashmere pull-over (preferably hot pink), a basic black cardigan, and a basic black V-neck pull-over top my shopping list. Since I can't seem to find the quality I want at a price that fits my budget, I might order these Autumn Cashmere brand sweaters from Bluefly at a price of $117-138 each.

4. A luxe-feeling hoodie. Lululemon's hoodies are de rigeur for a lot of female Vancouverites. Their ubiquitousness and high price tag make me a bit reluctant to buy one, but the material is so thick and warm, much more luxurious than the standard hoodie. I might cave and buy one. This is a "maybe" for now.

5. Lacoste flats. I really hope I can find a pair of these in my size at the Lacoste store in October.

6. Tights. A basic black pair is on the list to replace a pair that got ruined last year. But I might also pick up a pair of textured, patterned, or colourful ones.

7. Nude strapless bra. The one I bought two years ago is rapidly reaching its expiry date--unsurprising considering I wear it at least once a week under camis and tank tops. I might pick one up from La Senza or wait a bit longer and buy one from Victoria's Secret when I'm in NYC in November.

8. Puma sneakers. Sleek and sassy, I've admired Puma sneakers for so long but always been reluctant to splurge on a pair. This is another "maybe" for me because I don't need them; I have my leather boots and other close-toed shoes to get me through the fall. On the other hand, I've often felt the lack of versatile street sneakers in my wardrobe and wished for them.

Other bloggers have posted their must-have lists for fall. What's on yours? Leave your replies in the Comments section, or if you're a fashion blogger who's posted your own list, leave a link to it!


  1. Looks like a cosy fall list. I don't have a specific list...I'm trying to save money right now. ^_^

  2. Just be careful if you're ordering from Bluefly. I recently returned a package because the brokerage fees from DHL (which is the service they use) were about half the cost of the items. It wasn't worth it in the long run and I'll never order from Bluefly again.

    It was the first time I've ordered from them, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've ordered from Victoria's Secret and J. Crew and had great experiences so it was disappointing that Bluefly has not negotiated a deal where the consumer is not hit with a brokerage fee. Those other companies have. Beware!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Em! Maybe I could order it shipped to my friend in New York and pick up the package from him when I'm there in November.

  4. Great ideas - I am especially with you on tights - especially patterned ones! And knits . . . mmm a yummy sweater dress or cashmere cardi or two!


  5. i've run into the same issues with sweaters-- i'm attracted to something because it's cute but it provides no warmth which is the whole point:(

    i've learned my lesson!

  6. I like this list! I've been on the lookout for a basic, fitted hoodie for myself for a while. Perhaps I'll add 'luxe' to the list.

  7. plaid (can I pull it off?!), vests, booties (worried they are too trendy this season though).

    let me know what's a good strapless nude bra! I have one from vs but it's just not THE ONE. ahh.

    and I e-mailed mizzj! we'll see if she's still around when I get back to taipei!


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