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WendyB reminds readers to help raise money for blogger NieNie, who was injured terribly in a plane crash, by bidding in her jewelry auction. If the price point of current bids has surpassed your budget, you can still help. Use the blue button on WendyB's sidebar to donate money via a Paypal account, or spread the word on your own blog, Facebook profile, MySpace page, etc. so she can find a generous soul in want of a golden heart.

WendyB's Diana necklace is normally done in matte silver, but if the price is right, she'll make it in 18 karat matte gold with more than half a carat worth of diamonds.

As evidenced by the dresses in this post and this post, I'm a sucker for bright blue (although that colour preference has swung toward hot pink of late). So are a lot of designers and bloggers. Couture Carrie drools over bright blue bags and clothes reminiscent of the cerulean waters in exotic travel destinations. Meanwhile, Daddy Likey is going through a blue period that rivals Picasso's in awesomeness.

I haven't had a chance to peruse the pictures from New York Fashion Week yet, but at the moment I can enjoy Civilized Spice's succinct coverage of the hits and misses.

The new issue of Rive magazine is up! How gorgeous is that cover shot? It certainly makes me yearn for Chanel costume pearls.

Lastly, I haven't had a lot of time to devote to Solo Lisa y Nada Mas, and with good reason. Aside from planning my October trip and completing new projects at work, I've been writing some lengthy, fairly involved pieces for Stylefinds. Case in point: Miranda and I went to Vancouver's Spend On Trend sale last Friday and discussed our favourite finds and designers. Check out the post here.


  1. Thanks for mentioning us!

    I'll definitely write more updates...

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! If anyone donate to the Nielsons via paypal they should forward me their receipt and then I'll mention them back on my blog to thank them!

  3. Ooooh I didn't know about Rive - will have to check it out!!



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