Burning Question

"Fashion face-off: Which of the two top teen dramas has better style--90210 or Gossip Girl?" This was the burning question on an ad for some entertainment news show shortly after the series premiere of the new 90210 aired. Fair question, but I think an added twist would make this topic even more fun:

In a fashion face-off--complete with Zoolander-esque antics--which show would win?

My money's on Gossip Girl. Not only are the outfits sweet eye candy, they do a great job of creating distinctive personalities for the characters. Thanks to costume designer Eric Daman's vision, female GG fans now go shopping and deem a minidress a "very Serena" piece or describe a crested blazer as "very Blair." Dan's beat-up jackets emphasize his Brooklyn roots, especially when contrasted with the dandified ensembles of Nate and Chuck. We can also thank/blame Daman for creating a surge in demand for preppy polished chic--impressive accomplishments from a guy who used to be Patricia Field's assistant on Sex and the City.

As for 90210, the clothes seemed fine but it wasn't anything that I haven't seen before, and nothing stuck out spectacularly in my mind (whereas I can burn through entire episodes of GG just ogling Blair's clothes). It's just that the uniformly California casual look has already been done to death on The OC and MTV, which is perhaps why GG feels so fresh at the moment. In the 90210 series premiere, for instance, rich teen Naomi sported Chanel accessories and short dark nails. It looked good, but it also smacked of Lauren Conrad.

Another advantage working in GG's favour: I think Dan, Nate, and Chuck would have better runway walks in a walk-off, and they'd be able to pull off Blue Steel with more flair.

Who do you think would win, and why?


  1. SUCH a fun Q!!
    There is really no contest; GG all the way. It really is a matter of East Coast/West Coast, and I just happen to be partial to the former . . .


  2. It's totally Gossip Girl, 90210 doesn't stand a chance. I think people are liking the preppy edge more right now...

  3. Gossip Girl, for sure!

  4. I didnt realize that! Yes, 90210's clothing is very similar to the OC's! And the OC is sooo 4 years ago!

    Maybe its because Gossip Girls has a one season head start, BUT their plots have also allowed for a greater variety of clothing. For example, in the first episode of 90210, their party outfits were nothing special. But in Gossip Girls you have the episode of the Hand Maiden's Tale, modelling for Blair's mom, the Debutante Ball, and you have the more recent white party... I just feel like Gossip Girl purposely writes their plot to include fashion, while 90210 just includes "fashion" to simply clothe their actors & actresses.

    But who knows... hopefully 90210 will step up the game later this season~


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