Topshop's Tops

The other week, I spent a whole night doing London trip research and looking up the attractions that I'd most like to visit while I'm there. The first couple of hours were quite productive. I found out most of the museums and galleries were free. I learned about loading my Oyster card with a day pass worth of money for the tube to get the most value out of public transit. I looked into potential daytrips to Hampton Court and Oxford. I even looked up whether I could catch Dirty Dancing: The Musical while I'm there. (Hooray!) However, all of this diligent work degenerated into questionable "research" as I grew more tired and started browsing the Topshop website to get ideas of what I can expect when I set foot in one of their stores.

Truthfully, there wasn't a lot that caught my eye, and of the items that did seem appealing, well, I'm not sure if I'd be willing to spend that much. I've heard good and bad things about Topshop's quality bar; if I see these tops in person and they seem like they'd hold up, I might splurge on one (or three). Anyway, here are the tops that are tops in my books. I see a recurring theme in all those delicate colours and bows.

Lace bow top, 28 pounds

Cornelli embellished top, 32 pounds

Chiffon bow vest, 22 pounds

Contrast bow top, 18 pounds


  1. I never shop at Topshop, aside from when they have sales on. The quality of the clothes never ever matches the price! It's a pity, because a lot of their stuff is gorgeous... but I don't want to pay thirty pounds for a top that'll start fraying after the first wash!

  2. Love these, and the color scheme - so chic!


  3. bows r HUGE now! Luv it!!
    like gift-wrap- presentsss, hee!
    eye-ing on Valentino bow fab! Thanks as always...

  4. These are all so sweet, but I'm rather the same--I reserve judgement until I see them in person/feel the fabric.

  5. TopShop on Oxford Street can be rather overwhelming. And I again with Emily. It's overpriced for the quality. If you want trendy, cheap clothes go to Primark on Oxford. Just make sure you set aside loads of time for the queues. They are ridiculous! I always go to New Look for shoes. Mainly because they carry 41 sized shoes and those are impossible to find in Vancouver. When do you leave?

  6. Thanks for the tip, Civilized Spice! I leave October's coming up so quickly.

  7. I love the last item with the cute bows...(as you know already). ;-)

  8. i am so excited for you to go to top shop !!!!! they are opening one in NYC - they need to open one in Vancouver too!


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