Birthday Wishlist: Anthropologie (Part 1)

My birthday is this Thursday and I'm expecting red envelopes from my staunchly traditional Chinese family. While the red envelopes are much more practical and environmentally friendly than conventional gifting (cash is a gift people never say no parents don't have to worry about getting me something I don't's easier and less wasteful to "wrap"), sometimes I do yearn for The Perfect Gift in a pretty box topped with a bow.

Today marks the first post in a week-long exercise of wishful thinking. I combed through the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters websites and ogled to my heart's content, then compiled a list of goodies, any of which I'd love to see inside the aforementioned gift-wrapped box. The chances of this happening are slim to none; nevertheless, a girl can dream, can't she? The Anthropologie list turned out to be so long that I'm splitting it over two days. Enjoy!

Abbott coat, $384.16. This coat reminds me a bit of the pink one Renee Zellweger sported in Down With Love. It's classic and polished but still a statement-making coat.

Classical Antiquity blouse, $108.80. I like how this blouse comes across as feminine and ruffly but not overdone.

Floridian skimmers, $108.80. These shoes are just plain fun. The brown leather details! Turquoise floral print! Fluffy white bows! I think I've just hit cuteness overload...

Flower Thicket cardigan, $142.11. I like how the buttons don't line up all the way down the sweater and instead accent the flowers.

Gallery circle skirt, $219.83. Is it wrong to picture myself wearing this skirt while strolling through art galleries and museums in London and Paris?

Initial pocket mirror, $15.54. Lately I've been craving a pretty compact mirror I can tote around in my purse with me. This one comes with a small pouch which can double as makeshift jewelry or hair accessory storage when you're traveling.

Labyrinthine tee, $53.29. It's just a basic cotton tee, but the draping and delicate pale green make it anything but ordinary.


  1. Cash is always nice, and you can treat yourself to that amazing jacket!
    I didn't know that the red envelope was a Chinese tradition (so that's where that catalog got the idea!). Very cool . . .


  2. I LOVE the gallery circle skirt, but would never fork out that much money for something so simple. Great list and happy early birfday. We need to do tea sometime.

    PS, nice posts and photoshoot on Stylefinds. I think you should consider adding the grey cowl-neck dress you modelled to the list!

    <3 megan

  3. Couture Carrie, which catalogue are you talking about? Now I'm curious...

    Megan, thanks for the birthday wishes! I think the high price of the gallery circle skirt comes from the fact that the design is handpainted on each skirt. Are you back in town yet?

  4. wow! i love ALL your choices! great taste (:

  5. seriously, i LOVE those skimmers! you can use the cash your parents give you and go down to seattle to go buy them!

  6. adore the shoes and the light blue top. money is always good. since i can remember my parents give us money for all holidays.

  7. The mirror is so those u find in antique shop...charming

  8. Hehe I know what you mean about the pretty compact mirror! I've been on the lookout for one myself. Another thing I also secretly love is pill boxes, however I don't think taking up a drug habit is a good excuse to buy one :p And that gallery skirt is so beautiful!


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