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I was tagged by lovely blogger WendyB to list the last 25 songs I listened to on my iPod. Normally I'll skip between music websites and Internet radio stations while I'm at work and listen to whatever strikes my fancy, but I made an exception today: I set my iPod on shuffle and kept those little white earbuds in for a couple of hours while restructuring end-user content at my desk. (I did skip through songs I didn't want to listen to, though.) I don't know what this list really says about me except that I like pop, Latin pop, soundtracks, and good dance beats.

1. Gladiadores - Orishas
2. Somebody Told Me - The Killers
3. My Way Out - David Usher
4. Change Your Mind - The Killers
5. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland
6. Rosario Tijeras - Juanes
7. I'll Be - Edwin McCain
8. The Suicide of Dorothy Hale - Eliot Goldenthal
9. El fin de la infancia - Cafe Tacuba
10. Nostalgia - Oscar Lopez
11. I've Got You Under My Skin - Michael Buble
12. Si No Te Hubieras Ido - Marco Antonio Solis
13. Ay Chico - Pitbull
14. La Vida Es Un Ratico - Juanes
15. Live to Tell - Madonna
16. Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
17. Feeling Good - Michael Buble
18. La Tortura - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
19. Self-Portrait with Hair Down - Eliot Goldenthal
20. Ending Start - Metric
21. Istanbul - They Might Be Giants
22. Hands Tied - Mobile
23. How Are You - David Usher
24. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado
25. Can I Walk By - Jazze Pha feat. Monica

I tag Anthea, Trisch, Teresa, and Ambika to list their songs.

P.S. I'm actually really psyched about this tag. Uber Mensh blogger WendyB tagged me!

Update: According to Blogger, this was my 300th post. Phew!


  1. Thanks for doing the tag. I'm fascinated by the story of Dorothy Hale so I'm definitely going to have to listen to The Suicide of Dorothy Hale by Eliot Goldenthal.

  2. Wendy, you may have already heard The Suicide of Dorothy Hale before. It's on the Frida soundtrack...all instrumental and only 10 seconds long--beautiful and brief like Dorothy's life was. I think Eliot Goldenthal named it after Frida Kahlo's painting.

  3. Hi Lisa!
    Hey I was reading your last post and I realized those hairstyles are all really cute! I think I might use that site for my next haircut too! I want to get mine permed cause I got it once and I miss it already but waiting for it to grow out is making me a tad impatient.

    but yes i like hairstyle number 2. i think it suits u based on running into u like probably half year or more ago at starbucks.

    Oh and I found your blog through facebook I believe. Hope I didn't come across as a stalker...

    you can fb or post back on my blog if you like:

    disregard the error msg since the programming is wonky but i'll get the msg in my login.



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