Funny Shoes Are Worth It

I wore these shoes today.

"Nice shoes. They're kind of crazy," one of the (male) co-op students on my team said to me as we walked to the sushi restaurant for a team lunch. He squinted at the writing. "Actually, they're really crazy."

The other (male) co-op leaned in and squinted, too. Both of them couldn't get over the fact that one shoe was different from the other.

Two weeks or so ago, I wore these shoes to work. One of the documentation managers came by my desk to discuss release notes. We were looking up something on my computer when he suddenly said, "Do your shoes say 'Lady Luck'?"

Why yes, yes they do.

Last fall, another male coworker caught sight of my Kitson sneakers and couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. He finally stopped long enough to joke, "Who designed your shoes, Liberace?"

You see? Kooky shoes pay for themselves just by virtue of their amusement factor.


  1. Oh, I do agree! Every time you look down at your feet you have a reason to smile!

  2. those shoes are pretty awesome!
    i wish i could wear those to my work! i really want these pumps that a have a picture of amelie on them!

  3. Ah what fun shoes!!! :D I love wearing fun & statement shoes as well. Makes me so happy :)

  4. Hey Lisa,

    Ahaha...nice. I suppose one of the guys is the new co-op and the other is my old comrad? xD That's so funny. You have awesome shoes though! :D

  5. I've always wanted those Kitson Van-esque shoes!

  6. OT but thank you for bending the rules. If it's for a good cause it doesn't really count as shopping, does it? :-)

  7. hahahaa... cute! I love it! one of my close friends got asked to prom with a pair of vans that said "PROM" on one shoe and "?" on the other. He left them on her doorstep. they're definitely a conversation piece!

  8. Kokostiletto, those sound like really fun shoes!

    Miss.Greentea, those two co-ops I mentioned in my post are the newbies that replaced you and Nancy, not your old comrade. I think my wardrobe doesn't faze him anymore.

    WendyB, don't mention it. The price range right now is out of my budget, but if I could I'd enter another bid.

    Teresa, that sounds so cute!

  9. hee hee I love hearing about co-op students.

    Your shoes rock the casbah too dude :)

  10. these are perfect….i need them


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